Bridal Shower

My little brother is getting married this weekend! We put together a quick bridal shower for the bride-to-be. Their wedding will be boho themed in the woods. Very fitting for a couple that hardly wears shoes in public. 😉

Bridal Shower:

Chicken fajitas, coffee punch and peanut butter chocolate cupcakes were on the menu.

The greenery arrangements were put together by my sister-in-law Kelsie. She’s the floral girl of the family. 😉

My brother wrote seven things he loves about his fiancé and they were displayed on different tables throughout the shower.

Tyler built this backdrop out of some trees that were in my parent’s woods. I added fabric and Kelsie added the greenery. Simple, but pretty!

Antique furniture and a wire basket worked perfect for cards.

The shower turned out great and we are so excited to welcome another sister into our family! Praying for years of love and laughter Walker ❤ Marissa.

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