Teen Girl Birthday Party

In March, I put together a birthday party for my younger sister and her foreign exchange student. They turned thirteen and sixteen on the same day so it seemed fitting to have a big birthday bash. (Why am I doing a blog post now? Who knows…)

Teen Girl Birthday Party:

I went with a black and white color scheme with a pop of color from the flowers. (And of course that blue cabinet. 🙂 )

Chocolate cupcakes, fresh cinnamon rolls and Rice Krispy treats went well with the black and white theme.

I used a black and white striped fabric to hang and made the banner out of card stock paper and glitter stickers.

My sister-in-law, Kelsie, made the balloon clusters and we hung them from each wood post in my parent’s house.

The party turned out awesome! My sister and I chaperoned until about 10:30 p.m. Though we still have great dance moves, we are definitely not teenagers anymore. 😉

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