Dinosaur Birthday Party

I’ve always loved birthdays. It’s the one day everyone celebrates you and that is such a special thing. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree because my little boy, Saelor, is obsessed with birthdays. It’s full of cake, candles, singing, balloons and presents. All of his favorite things wrapped together in one day.

I decided to do a Dinosaur theme because he absolutely loves them. I always browse Pinterest for some inspiration and then get to work on the crafts.

Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party:full.jpg

I stenciled the RAWR sign and cut triangles out of card stock paper for the banner.


With a Jigsaw, Tyler cut the Dinosaurs out of plywood. I painted them different colors.


I used a marshmallow treat recipe for the Pterodactyl Nest. I dyed the mixture brown, shaped them into nests and added white chocolate Whoppers.


Tyler built the wood stands to hold each sign.


Saelor’s favorite cake is chocolate  with buttercream frosting. I added crushed Kit-Kats, Dinosaur toys and fake trees from Hobby Lobby.


I think his favorite part was the cake. He kept saying, “Wow mom, good job!”



I made chocolate Dirt Cake for Prehistoric Dirt and added small Dinosaurs that the kids could take home with them.



Saelor loved his birthday and we are so thankful for three years with our strong spirited boy! Happy Birthday big guy- may you always keep your excitement for the little things in life.

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