Camping Birthday Party

Hi! I’m back with another birthday party. (Surprise, surprise.) Atlas turned four in January and chose a camping themed party. With all this social distancing, I figured I better use this time to catch up.

Camping Birthday Party:

I wanted to create something a little different and found this backdrop idea from Pinterest. I tried to use a paint marker on the black fabric, but ended up just dipping the pen in actual paint. Tyler cut the teepee out of a poster board and wrote out CAMP ATLAS.

I found mini jars on Amazon and used a family recipe for the trail mix.

Colorful goldfish make perfect rainbow trout. I dipped pretzels in white chocolate and added red, orange and yellow sprinkles for the firewood.

I bought an assortment of teddy grahams for grizzly bears.

Atlas loves doughnut holes and sometimes I get tired of making cakes/cupcakes so I bought an assortment of munchkins from Dunkins.

If you haven’t tried S’more cereal, it’s a must! I love that stuff.

I put together the doughnut cake with a styrofoam cone and toothpicks.

My mother-in-law made the little fire a couple years ago. Isn’t it the cutest?!

…and I think that’s it! Atlas had a blast at his party. We are so thankful for another year with you, bud.

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