Fishing Birthday Party

Wow it’s been awhile! Life has been busy to say the least. We sold our home in January and bought a little piece of land in Travelers Rest, SC. We’ll be building again with a tentative move in date of June 30th. We are also welcoming a new baby boy at the end of March. It doesn’t seem like we’ll be slowing down anytime soon.😉

With the chaos of Christmas and moving into a rental, I decided to throw a joint birthday party for my boys. Last summer, they got fishing poles and we spent many days at the lake about half a mile from our house. They also became quite enthralled with watching fishing shows on Netflix.

Fishing Birthday Party:

I bought a tackle box and filled it with Swedish Fish, Skittles, Lemon Drops and Gummy Worms.

Tyler made the food signs out of poplar wood, dowels and little stumps. I used a stamp set for the words.

My father-in-law made the Johnson’s Fishing Hole sign out of old barn wood and his CNC Router. I think it turned out great and plan to use it in my boys’ bathroom.

For Live Bait, I made Oreo dirt cake and added gummy worms on top.

Chocolate covered pretzel sticks with gummy worms attached to string made perfect fishing rods. Thanks to my sisters for spending the time helping me put together each one.

Jello cups with Swedish Fish were a hit for all the kids!

The boys had a blast and I was tired by the end of the day.😉 Happy 5th Birthday Saelor Ellis and Happy 3rd Birthday Atlas Frey! We are so thankful for both of you.

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