Stenciled Burlap

Happy October! I love everything about fall from the crisp autumn air to the sweet caramel apples. Last year Tyler built a ladder for my porch decor and I ended up using it in a few other spots throughout the year. I decided to use it again for my fall porch and wanted to show you a simple way to stencil any burlap banner.


Stenciled Burlap Banner:

I started by cutting out strips of burlap, long enough to overlap on each spindle.


I draped them over the spindles to make sure each one was the correct length and width.


Folding the burlap how I wanted it to hang on the ladder, I centered my stencil and began painting. I basically just hold the stencil in place and fill in with acrylic paint.


After I’ve painted inside the stencil, I remove the stencil carefully. I prefer to connect the letter with paint and fix any blemishes. I’ve realized that burlap is very forgiving, you can fix mistakes just by going over the area with the paint brush.


I followed the same steps for the remainder of my letters. I then glued the bottom of each burlap with hot glue to hold it in place.



It’s such a simple project, but really pulls together my porch decor. Try making your own burlap banner  and let me know how it goes! 

And as always, thanks for stopping by.





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