Refurbished Antique Chairs

Over a year ago, my parent’s moved into their new house. During construction, Tyler and I took on a big project with their breakfast nook. We made a Fixer Upper inspired coffee bar (with the help of a few other people), and built a table and benches to finish off the room. It has been the focal point and gathering area for everyone. We decided a few chairs would help with seating so my grandpa gave us four antique chairs he had in storage.



To match the table, I wanted to paint the spindles with Farmhouse Paint and stain the seats with Miniwax wood finish. These chairs are very sturdy, but needed a nice face lift.


I started out by sanding down the seat of each chair. I made sure to take off all the old finish. The hardest part of this process was sanding in between each spindle. I had to do some areas by hand.


After the seat was completely sanded, I stained them with Miniwax Dark Walnut. If you are worried about blotchy wood, you can use Wood Conditioner to help give an even finish.


Once I was finished staining, I started on the painting process. This was definitely time consuming, but I wanted it to turn out nice so I took a couple hours and about 2-3 coats of paint.

*Disclaimer – I’ve painted a lot of furniture with Farmhouse Paint and have noticed it’s better to do light coats, many times to get an overall smooth paint job.


The final step was using Polycrylic to protect and finish the chairs. I applied four coats on the seat and three coats on all the painted area.


This has definitely helped add more seating options in the breakfast nook and I love the fresh look these chairs bring to the area. And of course I’m happy to be done with another big project 😉

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