Refurbished Dresser

When we first moved into our house (we’ve been here for two years now), I had several different pieces of furniture that I wanted to refinish. I was pretty uneducated on the painting and staining process, but learned a lot during each project.

One of the projects I wanted to tackle was a dresser for Saelor’s bedroom.

saelors dresser2.jpg

Tyler’s parents gave us this dresser before Saelor was born and I used it as a changing table while he was a baby.


Originally, I wanted to stain the outside of the dresser and paint the drawers. When I started to sand it down, I realized the top had a veneer finish. The drawers were made out of solid oak so I switched my plan around.


I sanded the dresser lightly to take off some of the old finish. Then I painted the exterior with Sherwin William’s Steamed Milk.

I sanded the drawers until the finish was completely off and they were down to bare wood. I stained them with Miniwax Dark Walnut.

After everything had dried, I clear coated the drawers with Polycrylic to protect the wood.

I updated the knobs from Hobby Lobby to give more of an industrial look.

saelors dreser.jpg

This is one of my favorite pieces of furniture that I’ve refinished. I love how the wood stands out with the painted exterior and it adds a little pop to his bedroom.

If you’ve been wanting to refinish something in your house, go for it! It’s so fun to add a little personality to each decoration.

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